Thursday, March 24, 2016

Hello all,

In the words of Ice Cube " Today was a good day!" -Tiara

Even though it rained all day, it was a fufilling day for all. Today we traveled all the way to Ponyride building and explored The Empowerment Plan. Personally, (Tonya), I didn't know what to expect since we were unable to volunteer. Once we got there we climbed the stairs to The Empowerment Plan room. Roughly 20 women were focused and were sewing their big hearts away away as we enetered the room. Our tour guide, Cassie, told us that their goal was to ultimately provide the opportunities for homeless parents to overcome the neverending cycle of struggles through employment. I thought the goal was just..great. Cassie stated that donating the coats are important but they want to help Detriot as a community and the indiviudals who are struggling with homelessness. I found that interesting because I assumed that a non-profit would be known for donating their commodity, but The Empowerment Plan is focused on helping people. As we weaved through the stations, I noticed all women's determination and just geniunely strong women. Also, the coat itself is just WOW! It's just innovated and practical. There's three layers with a detachable leg section, self-heating, portable, and made from recycled material (Donated from Carhartt). HOW COOL IS THAT?! The tour ended where Cassie showed us other non-profit like Floyd and Lazlo (look it up because it's just neat). I would also like to mention like Cassie was just so cute and loveable, I could tell she was passionate about her job and the women working
Still pouring rain, we went back to Arts and Scraps again where our creativity was essential. One group took upon their hands to design a bran spankin' new "Welcome:)" sign to which they killed. I wish you guys were there because it was just...yes. The other group actually attempted to use the kits but make other things out of the materials than the expected result (I hope that made sense. If not, I'm sooo sorry!) Anyways, that group made things like paint palette, night vision glasses, an alligator, and a frogg. (standing ovation, yes). Today was filled with innovating non-profits, great goals, and arts & crafts. I enjoyed this experience and totally looking forward for tomorrow SO stay tuned tomorrow! Thank you and have a beautiful night:)))

-Tonyaa and Tiaraa

"Welcome:)! it's a beaut

Our group in a small coffee shop with Cassie (Far left!)

My Roomie:) She's a ray of sunshine

Crafternoon! (Crafting in the afternoon! Clever!) 

Thank you again! "See" you guys tomorrow:)

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