Saturday, March 19, 2016

Welcome to the 2016 Community Development Catalyst blog. Whether you are a loved one, friend, or a curious individual that stumbled upon us, we appreciate that we recieved your attention and we are excited to share our journey.

Our names are Austin and Alex, we go by A&A. We are the Detroit Community Development site leaders and if we include our Catalyst Colleague Allie, we go by Triple AAA. Our trip consists of 8 Hamline students including David, Megan, Tonya, Abby, Joe, Tiara, Kalli and Amin.

We are also focusing on art for social change and how people of Detroit use art to transform the community. We are working with and visiting various amazing community partners. We are working with Arts and Scraps, Heidelberg Project, Motor City Blight Busters, Neighbors Building Brightrmoor, Earthworks, a church in Flint to pass out water, and visiting the Empowerment Plan to hear how they are benefitting the community and how tis is impacting the community.

Each night a differnt person(s) will be blogging an update on the experience our group has each day on the trip, in addition to students blogging on their own time on experiences from their perspective. We want to thank you again for visiting our group blog and hope that you continue to stay updated on our journey!

Peace and Kind Regards,

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